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The Original Jones Boys

The Original Jones Boys | (More About )The Original Jones Boys | The Will of James Jones-1843


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     Here you'll learn about the descendants  of James Jones and wife Nancy ____(nee?), who lived on Beaver Creek, in Wayne Co., Kentucky.   
     The unprobated Will of James Jones, dated 1843, on file with the Wayne Co. Ky. Historical Society, lists ten children of James Jones, whom I believe to be listed chronologically.
     A big "thank you" to Lynda Lovejoy, who brought to my attention, errors in the Will, regarding the married surnames of some daughters being documented incorrectly in the codicil.  Two different Wills list the married surname of Elizabeth Jones as Alford and Gifford.
     No trace of Elizabeth has been found to this date.  Research continues.
     A son of James and Nancy (nee?),  a Rev. John Jones married Minerva Brady/Bradley and removed to Madison Co., Alabama.  Minervas' surname before marriage is listed as Brady in the Will of Joseph Hinds Sr.  Yet, in the book on Marriages of Wayne Co., Ky. by June Baldwin Bork, the name is spelled Bradley.  It is not known if John and Minerva had children, or if the couple stayed in Madison Co., Alabama. Research continues.
     It has been so wonderful to have made contact with a living descendant of each of the eight of the ten children listed in the Will-
pretty miraculous considering the Will itself was written more then 160 years ago!
     There were three men by the name of James Jones, all living in the same time frame, and residing in the same county, and in fairly close proximity-located near Monticello, Ky.  This fact has caused many Jones descendants to have erroneously been connected to the wrong James Jones tree by genealogical researchers, even professional researchers. 
     I have thoroughly researched the descendants of each of the three men named James Jones who lived in Wayne Co., Kentucky, and am satisfied  with the results of my research efforts.  From this researched information my newest book, Kentucky Trails, was written.
It is intended to set the records straight, and is intended to be a useful tool to help present and future researchers of the three specific Wayne County, Kentucky Jones surname lineages.    

Oma Pembrooke has studied genealogy and practical application thereof for many years.  Her correct title is "Historical Data Preservationist". Oma has consulted with many living descendants of  the individuals about whom the published works that you may see on this website are about.  Oma has also compiled a work, after thorough research and collaboration with living descendants, titled "The Foster Tree".  A list is available which details currently available published offerings.  TO VIEW PHOTOS ONLY  WEBSITE, GO TO :

I dedicate this site to the memory of my parents.
What's New?
New clue:
Minitree Jones and wife Elizabeth Powell had a son named Nelson Jones, born 1744 in North Carolina. Died 05 July, 1840.

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