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The Original Jones Boys


The Original Jones Boys | (More About )The Original Jones Boys | The Will of James Jones-1843

~The Grandchildren of James Jones and wife Nancy~
On the following page, where I have posted the Will of James Jones, dated1843, (and unprobated), I have listed the 10 children known to have been sons and daughters of James Jones and wife Nancy (nee?).  Were it not for the unprobated Will of James Jones,  it would have been nearly impossible to trace our unique Jones family. 
i.Wayne Co., Historical Society
Wayne Co., Ky.
ii.Louise Kranbeer
On the following page where the Will is located, I have given small capsules of information regarding each child of James and Nancy Jones.  On this page, I will provide information individually on each child as husband and wife, listing their issue, according to researched data and living descendants' own  research data that has been shared so generously with me.   Marriage dates, as well as dates of birth and death for each child listed in the Will have been provided whenever possible on that same page where the Will is entered, with corrections regarding married surnames, as provided by living descendants.  I will now list the descendancy lineages for the ten children in the Will wherever known, and in the order as each appeared chronologically within the codicil. 
The Grandchildren of James and Nancy Jane (nee?)Jones:
1) Descendants of Rev. (James) Abner Jones and wife Rebecca Hamilton:
i. Nancy Alfred Jones was born 24 April,1815 Ky. She died 03 May, 1902 Mo. She married 02 May, 1831 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky to Carter Barnes, who was born 08 December, 1808 in Pulaski Co.,  Ky.  At the age of 65, Nancy is enumerated on the 1880 census for Dickson, Benton, Arkansas as living in the household of her daughter, Sina Jane, and husband,
James G. Hood.  No indication is given of where her parents were born.
ii. Elizabeth Jones born ca 1812 in KY., died in childbirth 17 September, 1848 in Wayne Co., Ky. She married 27 March, 1834 in Wayne Co., Ky. to William Russell Allcorn who was born ca 1814 in Wayne Co., Ky.  He died 1865 in Monticello,  Wayne Co., Ky. He was a son of Jesse Wilson Allcorn Sr and wife 1/Mary Duncan.  William Allcorn married 2/Mrs. Mary J. Twyford, born 1815 in Virginia (widow of Solomon Twyford B:1813-D:ca 1850's Va.)
iii. William H. Jones was born ca 1812 in Ky.  He married 14 April, 1832 to 1/Mary "Polly Barnes who was born ca 1813.  She was a daughter of Abraham Barnes and wife Addie (nee?) Wm. H. Jones married 2/Delaney Farmer who was born ca 1839.
iv. Hannah Jones born ca 1813.  She married 15 November, 1831 in Pulaski Co., Ky. to Matthew Barnes who was born ca 1812.  He was a son of Abraham Barnes.
iii. Rebecca Jones born___(?) Died ____(?) Married 03 December, 1844 in Wayne Co., Ky to Solomon Langford.  No further data.
vii. James Abner Jones Jr was born ca 1824 in Ky.  He married Rebecca (nee?). She was born ca 1833.
This couple is enumerated on the 1850 Clinton Co., Ky. census as living next door to his parents, Abner Jones and wife Rebecca Hamilton.
vi. Sina Jones was born 11 September, 1829 in Clinton Co., Ky.  Sina died 17 February, 1891.  She married 18 December, 1850 to William Richardson Barnes-no data.  Sina is enumerated in the Clinton Co., Ky. census of 1850 as living in the household of her parents, Abner Jones and wife Rebecca Hamilton.
Sina and William married in 1850 after the 1850 census was enumerated.
-information per researcher  Lynda Lovejoy.
2) Descendants of Rev. John Jones and wife Minerva Brady/Bradley:
What IS known:
i. Minerva Bradley and Rev. John Jones were married 08 June, 1824 in Wayne Co., Kentucky.
ii. John is listed 2nd in the will of his father, James Jones, dated 1843.
iii.(Rev.)John Jones is listed in Marriages of Wayne Co., Ky-by June Baldwin Bork, as marrying Minerva Bradley 08 June,1824, by Hiran Gregory.  Surety:Presely Morrison (which, if I understand the law of the time, indicates that Minerva was under  the age of 21 years at the time of marriage.  Wife of John W. Jones, Minerva Brady,  is listed as an heir in the Will of Levi Hinds Sr. in Wayne Co., Kentucky.  The Will was probated  in 1827. 
iv. In 1833, John W. Jones is mentioned as follows:
Benjamin F. McCravey married Mary C. Garner 14 August, 1833 at Madison, Alabama.  Surety/Perf. Name John W. Jones.-OS Page 108.  Source:Chronology of Records:McCarver
Regarding other data: unknown.  Research in progress  in Madison Co., Alabama.
-research notes of Oma Pembrooke.
3) Descendants of Sianah Jones and husband Jesse Allcorn:
i. Shelby James Allcorn was born ca 1824 in Ky., and died before 1868.  He married 26 October1844 in Wayne Co., Ky. to 1/Elizabeth Hubbard who was born 1823 in Ky.  He married 24 September, 1871 in Pulaski Co., Ky. to 2/Elizabeth Baker.  No data.
ii.John Breckenridge Allcorn was born December,1826 in Concord, Wayne Co., Ky.  He died 14 March, 1904 in Slavens, McCreary Co., Ky.  John was a witness in 1843 to the Will of his grandfather, James Jones.  No further data.
iii.  Angeline Jane Allcorn was born March 13, 1834 in Ky.  She died ___(?).  Angeline married 06 December, 1875 to Jacob Bell, son of Tarlton Bell and wife Sarah Dolen. He was born June, 1842, and died 08 February, 1931. He is listed as head of household on the 1880 census, aged 38,  and living in Wayne, Ky. His wife, Angeline Bell is listed in the 1880 census as Engeline T. Bell, age 45, husband, head of household, Jacob Bell, aged 38. Two young men in the household are listed as "other" relationship: i.Gregory Wiley Bell aged 20;ii. James Bell aged 15. 
iv. (Jesse) Wilson Allcorn Jr.  was born ca 1834 in Nancy, Somerset Co., Ky.  He died ca 1865, (and before 1868).  (Jesse) Wilson married 31 March, 1855 in Wayne Co., Ky. to Catherine Butram, born ca 1838 at South Fork,Wayne Co., Ky.  Catherine was a daughter of Emsley A. Butram and wife Elizabeth Chriswell.
-research notes of Delaney Alcorn-Jones.
-research notes of Dale MaGee-Jones.
-research notes of Rev. Carol Ziegler
-research notes of Oma Pembrooke.
4) Descendants of Elizabeth Jones and husband Mr._______Gifford or Alford:
unknown.  Research in progress.....
-research notes Oma Pembrooke.
5) Descendants of Thomas Jones and wife Cordelia McDermid-this couple had 14 children:
i. Louretta Jones was born 15 February,1820 in Wayne Co., Ky. She died 13 September, 1872, and is buried at Alder Cemetery located in Cedar Co., Missouri.  Louretta married Absalom Baker who was born ca 1817 in Russell Co., Ky. He died 26 February, 1858 in Cedar Co., Missouri.
ii. James Bradley Jones was born  22 May,1822  in Wayne Co., Kentucky.  He died 01 April. 1904 in Crawford Co., Missouri. He married in August,1843
in Missouri to Sophronia Province who was born ca 1826 in Kentucky. She is age 26 on the 1860 census for Izard Co., Arkansas.  James B and wife Sophronia are enumerated on the census of 1880 for Oakhill, Crawford Co., Missosuri, along with two children:Julia aged 13 born in Missouri;John, aged 17 born Arkansas;two grandsons and a granddaughter are also enumerated as follows:John W. age 9 born Mo.;
William aged 6 born Mo.;Julia aged 4 born Mo.;
iii. Polly Ann Jones born 07 October, 1825 in Wayne Co., Kentucky.  She died before 1853.
iv. Francis Miniter Jones was born 07 October, 1825 in Wayne Co., Ky. Died 06 December, 1853 in Arkansas.  He married 1/Missouri Ann (nee?), who was born 1824 and died 1899;married 2/Clemintine Love Sweany , who was born 1820
v. John A. Jones was born 25 March, 1827 in Wayne Co., Ky. He died in 1849 traveling with his father from Cedar Co., Mo. to Ca. during gold rush.  He contracted Malaria, "yellow fever", and died.  His remains were never recovered.
vi.Alfred Cornelius Jones born 07 December, 1830  in Wayne Co., Kentucky.  Died before 1853.
vii. Nelson McNary Jones was born 07 December , *1830 in Wayne Co, Ky.  Died 1896. He married Sarah Jane Murphy. She was born *1823 and died 1903.  There is an inconsistency in data:the 1880 census for Trenton, Grundy, Missouri lists the household as follows:
Nelson Jones head of household married male white age 34 born Ky. occupation day laborer father and mother both born Va. *year of birth 1846
Sarah J. Jones wife married female white age 27 born Mo. keeps house father and mother born Ky.
*year of birth 1853
Henry A. Jones son male age 8 born Mo.
Cora B. Jones daughter female age 5 born Mo.
Ina M. Jones daughter female age 1 yr. born Mo.
Arthusa A. Keith Mother in law fe age 57 born Ky.  Father born Tn. Mother born Ky.
viii. Asemath Jones was born 15 March, 1835 Cedar Co., Missouri. Asemath died 1912 in Cedar Co., Mo.  She married Mr. John C. Phillips 25 September, 1850 in Cedar Co., Mo.
ix. Nancy Ann Jones was born 24 April, 1837 Cedar Co., Mo. Married 1/Looney Phillips;2/Isaac Lafayette;
x. Sarah Emely Jones was born 29 April, 1838 Cedar Co., Mo.(another source gives 24 April, 1836 as a dob.)  Married 19 July 1860 to Joshua Bearon.
xi. Barthena  Jones was born 06 June, 1842 Cedar Co., Mo.  Died 08 October, 1937.  Married Andrew Worley born 1838.
xii. Martin Andrew Jones was born 24 November, 1843 in Fairplay, Cedar Co., Mo.   He died 26 October, 1929 in Modesto,Stanislaus, California.  He is buried at Pioneer (Odd Fellows)Cemetery., Modesto, Ca.  He married 26 April, 1864 in Cedar Co., Mo. to Mary Ann Rickman, who was born 1846, and died 1945.
xiii.Thomas Jackson Jones was born 01 September, 1832 in Cedar Co., Missouri. He died in  Missouri and is buried at Lindley Prairie Cemetery at Bear Creek County, Missouri.  He married 1/Mary Jane Harris;2/Mary Worley Baker;3/Mary Wesley Baker.
xiv. Wiley Wilson Jones was born 03 November, 1846 Cedar Co., Missouri. Wiley lived in Osborne Co., Kansas from 1870 to 1930's. He was one of the first pioneers in the area of Osborne Co., Ks. He married Elizabeth Walker on 08 March, 1866 in Davis Co., Iowa.  Wiley died 08 October, 1931 at Downs, Osborne Co., Kansas, and is buried in Downs Cemetery, at Downs, Ks.  Elizabeth Walker was born 02 April, 1845 at Jefferson Co., Indiana.  She died 24 March,  1898 at her daughters home in Kingsburg, Calif. and is buried in Downs Cemetery, Downs, Osborne Co., Ks.
-research notes of Mr. Carroll Jones Sr.
6) Descendants of Milly (Melinda) Jones and husband Andrew Baker Anderson:
i. James J. Anderson was born ca 1822 Tennessee. He married 1/Melissa Sims 13 February, 1842 in Monroe Co., Indiana.  Melissa was born 1824 in Kentucky.
ii. William Nelson Anderson born 26 January, 1825, Wayne Co., Kentucky. He died 21 December, 1912 at Morgan, Indiana. He married the 21 March , 1847 in Jennings Co., Indiana to Elizabeth Clarkson who was born 28 January, 1829 in Ky.
iii. Andrew B. Anderson II was born 1828 in Kentucky,  He died 20 February, 1903  at Wichita, Sedgewick Co., Kansas.  He married Celia (Selia) Finchum 02 April, 1851 in Monroe Co., Indiana.  Divorced May, 1855.-No children. Married 2/Pricilla Caroline Riddle 12 May, 1855 at Monroe Co., Indiana.
Pricilla was born 05 October, 1835 in Monroe Co., Indiana.  She died the 25 September, 1890 in Marshall Co., Indiana.  Pricilla was the daughter of
the wife of John E. Anderson, whose name was Mary Polly Parks Riddle Anderson. and Marys' marriage to 1/William Riddle.-Probably divorced.
iv. Nancy Margaret Anderson was born 1829 in Kentucky. Married William Thomas Riddle.
v. John E. Anderson born 1831 Pulaski Co., Kentucky
vi. Charles Madison Anderson born 1836 in Indiana.
vii. Elizabeth Emeline Anderson born 1838 in Indiana. Married Mr. Summer.
viii. Telitha Jane Anderson born 1841 in Indiana. Died 30 April, 1907, Benton Township, Monroe Co., Indiana. Telitha married Silas J. Thompson 24 February, 1859 in Monroe Co., Indiana.
ix.  Wiseman M. Anderson born 1846 in Indiana.  Died ca  1908 Indiana. Buried at Simpson Chapel-further data unknown re burial.  Married  29 June, 1866 to Martha A. Roberts, who was born 1832 Pa.
-research notes of Karen George.
7) Descendants of Wilson L. Jones and wife Ollie Burchett:
i. Janes Minitry Jones born ca 1826 in Kentucky;married 09 December, 1847 to Sarah (Sally) Ann Smith, daughter of James W. Smith, mother unknown. -research notes Fred Jones.
ii. Elizabeth Jones born ca 1829 in Kentucky;
iii. Nancy Jones born ca 1831 in Kentucky.;
iv. John Jones born ca 1833 in Kentucky;
v. Sarah A. Jones born ca 1836 Kentucky;
vi. Olive Emmaline Jones born ca 1839 Kentucky;married 03-10-1861 to J.D. Albertson;
vii. Mary Jane Jones born ca 1840;married 02-03-1862 to W.F.Williams;
viii. Virginia Jones born ca 1845 Kentucky;married Thomas Newton Tabor  18 February, 1861 in Wayne Co., Kentucky. She died 13 February, 1923 at Caney, Montgomery, Kansas. Thomas was born19 May, 1843
in Albany, Kentucky.  He died 27 May, 1923 at Caney, Montgomery Co., Kansas.
ix. Abner Jones born ca 1847 Kentucky;
-research notes of Oma Pembrooke.
8) Descendants of Rev. (Alfred) Wiley Jones and wife Abigail Butram:
i. Nancy Jane Jones was born 13 July, 1824 in Wayne Co., Kentucky;Married 29 January, 1843 in Johnson Co., Indiana to Benjamin Watson  Balay/Baily.  He was born 23 April, 1820 in Green County, Kentucky.  His parents were Obadiah Baily of Tennesee and Nancy Hilburn of Kentucky (both parents of Irish descent).  This couple, after their marriage,  lived their remaining life-times  in Owen Co., Indiana.  They had 12 children;
- research notes by Arbelle Mary Casida of Indiana.
ii. James Cornelius Jones was born 29 December, 1825 in Wayne Co., Kentucky; he died 01 June 1862 (?);married Lucinda Buttram 26 July, 1846  in Cass Co., Missouri;there are several mysterious and questionable documented data regarding this couple as well as their offspring, and his service in the Civil War, and regarding their marriage place and date, compared to date of first born child 1848 Indiana.  His date of death is questionable, since he is enumerated after 1862 in an 1880 census, and states he is a widower.  His wife, Lucinda, is later observed enumerated in the 1870 census in Palmyra Township, Douglas Co., Ks., and listed as a widow, with their three children enumerated in the household. In the 1885 census for Palmyra, Douglas Co., Ks.  is enumerated in household 4 living in the A.W. Cunningham (head)household, with wife L. A. Cunningham.  Lucinda Jones is aged 58. James Cornelius Jones served in the Union Army with a Missouri regiment.
-research notes Oma Pembrooke.
iii. Abner Lafayette Jones was born 28 February, 1828 in Wayne Co., Kentucy..  He died 11 February, 1885.  Buried in cemetery located at Peoria, Ks. Married Emily H. Parsons on the 10 of January, 1852 at Jackson Co., Missouri.  Emily was born 1830 in Virginia.  They had eight children, of whom most did not reach age of maturity, and died early of tuberculosis.  Abner died of pneumonia from having ridden home on a horse in a rain storm.
-research notes of Joan Kulp Warren
-researcher Tom Rafiner
Sally Whitson (Mrs. John Whitson)
-research notes Oma Pembrooke
iv. Elizabeth Jones was born 16 January, 1830 in Johnson Co., Indiana.  She married John L. Pleasants in Cass Co., Missouri 09 June,1853;here again are mysteries and questionable documented data. Elizabeth is listed in the 1880 census for Palmyra Township, in Douglas Co., Ks. in the household of J.P. Jones (head of household), along with 2 or 3 of her children.  Stated marital status as "married".  In a later census, Elizabeth is enumerated as "widow" and living in household with unmarried daughter, Sinah Pleasants.  Meantime, husband John Pleasants is observed during 1880 census as living in home of a Hispanic surnamed family in Texas and his marital status is listed as "widower";occupation hired hand.  Brother of Elizabeth Martha Jones Pleasants, John, was enumerated as living in the Pleasants' household in the 1860 Iowa census This couple had seven children.  John L. Pleasants signed "Aunt Nannies'"
autograph book October, 05, 1882.  Aunt Nannie was living with her parents, Delana Jane Foster and husband Alfred Wiley Jones at Media, Ks., which at the time was a separate township, and later became a part of Baldwin City, Ks.-research notes of Oma Pembrooke.
v. Sinah Ann Jones was born 19 June, 1832 in Indiana;She married  on the 15th August, 1850, to 1/Alvertes Williams, born 1832 Missouri;she married
04 June, 1870 at Fort Scott, Bourbon Co., Kansas to
2/Bennett E. Coberly, who was born 1818 in Ohio.
Sinah and Mr. Williams had six children.  Sinah and Mr. Coberly had three children. Sinah, age 71,  is enumerated in the 1905 census for Baldwin, Douglas, Kansas with daughter Lillian age 54.  In the 1920 census for Fort Scott,  Bourbon Co., Kansas, Sinah A. Coberly, at age 77, is listed in the household of John  McCartney, with wife Lillian, and daughter Madie E.
-research notes of Joan Kulp Warren.
-research  notes of L.R. Brooks.
vi. Wilson Lee Jones was born 30 October, 1834 in Hensley Township, Johnson Co., Indiana.  He died 19 December, 1866 in  Prairie City, Kansas of wounds incurred during the battle(10 August, 1861) of Wilsons' Creek Missouri and complication of pneumonia.  He is buried at Pioneer Cemetery, near Baldwin City, Douglas Co., Kansas.  See photo this website.  Wilson Lee Jones married 22 December, 1853 in Cass Co., Missouri to 1/Mary Frances Fowler, born 1836.  Died 1855;it is believed that she died in childbirth, with their first child (male) W. A. Jones, who was born July, 1855 in Cass Co., Missouri;approximately six months later, in 1856, Wilson remarried to 2/Rebecca Graham, who was born 31 May, 1837 in Ohio, and  was a daughter of John Graham and wife Rebecca Logan.  Rebecca Graham Jones died 15 June, 1874, Oregon.-cause: tuberculosis.This couple had five children;  Rebecca is buried in Crystal Lake Cemetery located in Corvalis, Benton Co., Oregon.  Photo of the gravesite of Wilson Lee Jones is located on this website.
-Research notes Oma Pembrooke.
-Research notes of Ilene (Mrs. Robert Bahm).
vii. Alfred Wiley Jones II was born 2 January, 1837 in Hensley Township, Johnson, Indiana.  He died 25 January, 1910 in Fort Scott, Kansas-"pneumonia  fever".  Alfred Wiley Jones II married 23 January, 1856 in Cass Co., Missouri to Delana Jane Foster, who was born Nov. 1840, in Missouri.  She died 12 February, 1909 Mapleton, Kansas area.  They are buried at Mapleton Cemetery, in Mapleton, Kansas.
Delana Jane Foster was a daughter  of Thomas Foster and wife Mary A. Lay of Blue Township, Van Buren, Missouri.  Alfred Wiley Jones II served in the Civil War with the Union Army in a Kansas regiment.
Alfred made many trips over the Santa Fe Trail hauling government supplies with a wagon pulled by a team of oxen The journey each time began near Independence, and ended at a destination in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This couple had ten children.
-research notes of Joan Kulp Warren.
-research notes of Oma Pembrooke.
viii.John Nelson Jones was born 24 March, 1839 in Johnson Co., Indiana.  He died 12 March, 1862 at General Hospital in Mound City, Illinois, as a result of a gun shot wound incurred in the Civil War.  He was wounded in battle at Fort Donelson, Tennesee.  He enlisted in Iowa.  Never married and no issue.
Served in the Union Army with an Iowa regiment.
Believed to be buried at Nashville National Veterans' Cemetery, Davidson Co., Tennesee.  Never married.
Enumerated in 1860  in the census for Davis, Iowa, as being a member in the John L. Pleasents household.  He served in the Union Army, during the Civil War, and was a member in an Iowa regiment.  He enlisted while on a visit to his sister, Elizabeth Pleasant and her family. 
-Research notes of Oma Pembrooke.
ix. Jacob P. Jones was born 14 May, 1841 in Johnson Co. Missouri.  He died 24 December, 1900 at Allen, Kansas.  Buried at Pioneer Cemetery near Baldwin City., Kansas.  Never married.  -Photo of gravesite on this website.  Listed in 1880 census as head of household under initials J.P. Jones-Palmyra, Douglas Co., Kansas.  His mother, Abigail Butram Jones, Elizabeth Jones Pleasents, and 3 of her children are enumerated as being in his household. Photo of his gravesite on this website.
-research notes of Oma Pembrooke.
x. (Rev.) William Thomas Jones was born 23 May, 1845 at Johnson Co., Indiana.  He died 12 January, 1919,  at Grace Hospital, in Kansas City, Missouri.  Buried at the Prarie City Cemetery, located at _____, Kansas.  Attended Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas.  A minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church;Served in Civil War Union Army with a Kansas regiment.  Married Mary Maria Marley, who was born 11 May, 1850, of North Carolina, daughter of a Confederate soldier.  She died 06 June, 1917. This couple had two children.-William Wiley Jones and one daughter who died in infancy, Abby.  The 1895 census for Palmyra, Douglas Co., Ks. enumerated the following:
Jones, W. T. age 49 male white born Indiana
Jones, Mary M. age 45 female white born N.C.
Jones, W.W. age 23 male white born Kansas.
(W.W. =Wiliam Wiley)
(W. T.=William Thomas)
(Mary M.=Mary Marley)
-research notes of Mary Marley Jones Sexton (Mrs. Duard Sexton)-both deceased.
-research notes of Joan Kulp Warren.
-research notes of L.R..Brooks
9) Descendants of Mary Jones and husband Abednigo Taylor:
i. Nancy AnnTaylor was born 05 April, 1830 in Crawford Co., Missouri.  Nancy married Nathan Souder.
ii. Tina Louise Taylor was born 18 July, 1831 in Crawford Co., Missouri.
iii. James McDonald Taylor was born 15 August, 1832 in Crawford Co., Mo. 
iv, Levi Cornelius Taylor was born 13 July, 1833 Crawford Co., Mo. 
v. John Overton Taylor  was born 03 March, 1835 Crawford Co., Mo.
vi. William Burke Taylor was born 1840 Crawford Co., Mo.
vii. Mary Taylor was born 21 January, 1842 Crawford Co., Missouri.
viii. Barnick Taylor
ix. Tabitha Taylor
x. Wiley Enoch Taylor was born 28 May, 1844, at Oakhill, Crawford Co., Missouri.  He died 15 January, 1857 Palshade District, Crawford Co., Mo.  Wiley Enoch Taylor married 1/Dorcas Walls born Tennessee;married 2/Lucinda O'Neal (?)(-if she was born in 1857, this does not compute.)
-research notes of Bonnie White (Mrs. Donald White).
-research notes of L.R.Brooks.
10) Descendants of Nancy Jones and husband Edward Luster Jr.:
i. Mary I Luster born Kentucky. Died February, 1880.
ii. Jackson McDonald Luster born 15 August,1832, in Wayne Co., Kentucky. He died 30 March, 1913 in Gasconade, Missouri. Buried at Cleavesville, Cemetery South of Bland, Missouri. He married  Elizabeth ____(?). who was born 02 October, 1832;died 04 October, 1879.
iii. James Cornelius Luster was born 1833 in Kentucky.  He died 1865 in Missouri.
iv. Caroline Luster was born 1838 in Gasconade, Missouri.
v.Thomas Bradley Luster was born January 08, 1839 in Gasconade, Missouri. He died 13 January, 1926. Married Sarah Jane Fort.  She was born 1841-42 at Warren Co., Missouri.  She died 13 January, 1926.
vi. William John Luster was born ca 1836 Gasconade, Missouri. He died 1880 at Gasconade, Missouri.
vii. Martha Luster was born ca 1843 in Gasconade. Missouri.
viii. Marty Luster was born ca 1847 in Gasconade, Missouri.
ix. Wiley Enoch Luster was born ca 1849 Gasconade, Missouri.
-research notes Reba Sue Decker (Mrs. Darrell Leach).
Subsequent generations of the above families are available in published form.  Website is limited as to megs of space, and the available researched data would go beyond allowable space.

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